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Retail Sales Training

We are so confident in what we can do for your company that we guarantee our Retail Sales Training will produce results -- or you don't pay!

There's "training" and then there's... Entertraining!

The retail sales training sessions we design deliver the most dynamic, energetic, and highly entertaining you will EVER encounter.

Our approach to retail sales training is to provide the audience with a dynamic, interactive “event” like they have never experienced before – and one that is enjoyable, enlightening, and educational.

When the audience is engaged, laughing and having fun, they will produce more SALES because they typically complete the following six steps:

Step 1: Retain more of what they learn

Step 2: Use more of what they learned

Step 3: Focus on changing their behaviors to attain greater consistency

Step 4: Teach others by modeling the correct behaviors

Step 5: Realize the importance of being passionate

Step 6: Request to go to the next training session

The retail sales training materials we develop are customized, not an off the shelf program, based upon the culture and language of your company. We don’t prepare any sales training materials until we fully understand your people, your company culture, and your customers. 

We work with commissioned and non-commissioned retailers and global manufacturers.

Retail sales training sessions can be delivered live, computer-based, video, written, etc. You and your team can be assured that the retail sales training will be:

INFORMATIVE: Our training sessions are not generic overviews. We focus on the key details that drive sales and increase your opportunities to be successful. Each key point is repeated continually throughout the retail sales training session(s) to improve the level of retention.

INTERACTIVE: The sessions are geared towards audience participation. Your people will learn, interact, and have more fun at these sessions than any they have previously attended. Keeping the audience involved is critical. It’s proven that when the audience remains engaged their retention level improves.

FUN: The sales training is entertaining, exciting, motivational, and educational. Bill and John as presenters are second to none. We have conducted thousands of meetings and won our audiences over time and time again. It’s the biggest reason why our clients keep hiring us again and again. We take pride in the fact that people leave our meetings feeling like they just experienced something special.

The 14 Critical Retail Sales Training Topics

Our retail sales training experts design, deliver EnterTraining seminars and facilitate corporate meeting sessions around the following topics:

  1. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Managers or Leaders? Who will take your company forward? Our leadership development sessions morph today's managers into tomorrow's leaders. We will teach them how to take charge, be more effective, and grow the organization. 15 percent of a person's success is due to technical knowledge or skills and 85 percent is due to PERSONALITY and ability to LEAD.
  2. EXTENDED SERVICE PLAN or EXTENDED WARRANTY: What's the difference between extended warranties and extended service plans -- and which one should you offer your customers? Did you know that 25 percent of all people buy a protection plan on all purchases and 40 percent of all people will buy a protection plan if it is offered properly?
  3. SELLING SKILLS: Did you know that 7 out of 10 customers leave not because of price but because poor service, or that over 50 percent of all returns are caused by selling the wrong product and that 80 percent of all salespeople and websites fail to properly qualify the customer? Our selling skills programs focus on increasing sales by changing the behaviors of your organization and development of  consumer friendly website that SELLS.
  4. ADVANCED SELLING SKILLS: We take selling skills to the next level by teaching your sales team how to make a connection to a “PERSON” not a “customer”.
  5. CUSTOM-ER SERVICE: The Last Thing You Want Is A Satisfied Customer! Did you know 65 percent of all customers rate service in the United States as POOR and 80 percent of customers never complain! They just never come back. This invaluable session teaches participants how to think differently about who their customers are and how they should be treated. Many of our clients have referred to this session as the wake-up call that inspired them to change the way they think about and lead their organization.
  6. BUILDING A STRONGER SALESFORCE!  99 out of 100 people do not criticize themselves for anything. Human nature causes us either to be unable or unwilling to see our own faults. And 7 out of 10 customers leave not because of price but because of poor service. Therefore, when you invest in and develop your people you slow down turnover which in turn improves the level of customer service and customer loyalty!
  7. CPR FOR PRESENTATION SKILLS: How to create and perform dynamic sales training presentations that produce extraordinary results. Participants learn how to: bring life into the presentation with enthusiasm, sincerity, and to capture attention and hold it by making their session interactive.
  8. THE POWER OF EFFECTIVE TRAINING: Why do some people judge how good their training was by the sheer weight of the material and the number of binders? Learn why "participant friendly" content is much more important than critical mass.
  9. PRODUCT TRAINING: We transform vendor product training (which is usually ineffectively done) into a retail sales training event that builds YOUR BRAND!
  10. TRAIN THE TRAINER: Learn to create and deliver dynamic presentations that create excitement and guarantee an increased retention of your subject matter.


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