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Q: How long are your sessions?

A: We will recommend a time frame based upon your needs. They can vary depending on subject matter, audience size, time allotment and the ROI the client wants from the session(s).


Q: What is your background?

A: John and Bill are experienced experts in the areas of retail store operations, training & development and sales. We provide clients the highest quality, experience-based insights into the challenges and opportunities they face in a practical and realistic manner.


Q: Why should we hire your company?

A: Proven results. One of our clients improved their merchandise sales by 12%, increased margins by 15%and reduced their product returns by 20% after our training. We have been in the Speaking/Training business for over 20 years. We can provide you with testimonials from any of our clients who can tell you best how satisfied they were.


Q: Are you entertaining?

A: The easy answer is yes. We pride ourselves in bringing you the most informative and highly engaging meeting you have EVER seen or experienced before. Our sessions are as entertaining as they are informative. In fact our motto is “We don’t just train, we Entertrain”. Our technique improves retention through audience interactivity given by a dynamic presenter. Our audiences leave our meetings energized and feeling that it was the BEST training they have ever attended. We do this by making every training session an “event”.

Q: Do you have “Off the shelf programs” or  “Custom” programs?

A: We do offer “off the shelf” programs; however the most effective meetings are the ones where we work with you, our client, on developing the messaging you want reinforced through a specific program. We learn your company’s culture and use your company’s language. This allows us to present in a manner consistent with your company. The audience never feels like an “outsider” is talking to them but someone who understands and can relate to them.


Q: What size group can you present to?

A: We can present to any size venue or audience. Some of our sessions, (work groups) require smaller sizes due to the high degree of interactivity.


Q: What’s the next step?

A: Contact us over the phone or through e-mail to discuss how we can improve your sales and profits.


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