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Stuart & Associates has helped many companies improve their bottom line by helping them to manage their merchandise returns. Try filling out this "Returns Worksheet" to determine your potential increased income.
  1. When the customer gets home with the product and perceives they have a problem, what do you want them to do?

    We have a definite plan and the customer understands it.
    We sort of have a plan, but it is not well defined within our organization or to the customer.
    Our organization has not developed a clear plan.

  2. Name the manager of your company's return program. (Not the logistics manager or whse. mgr.)

    Their name is:
    We have a person who handles those duties as part of there overall job
    We do not have a specific person assigned to this responsibility.

  3. Do your return figures show on both the P&L and all sales and marketing reports? (research this carefully, actually pull the reports)

    On both P&L and sales/marketing reports
    On one but not the other
    Not on any report

  4. Do you hold returns reduction meetings and how often?

    Quarterly meetings to brainstorm
    Covered briefly at monthly meetings
    We do not hold specific meetings on returns reduction.

  5. Who attends the meetings?

    Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Quality assurance, Service, Training, Loss Prevention
    2 or 3 of the people listed above
    We do not hold specific meetings on returns reduction.

Company's Annual Gross Sales:
Annual Return Dollars:


Return Percentage of Gross Sales:

Gross Margin Rate (GMR):

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