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Try filling out this "Returns Worksheet" to determine your potential increased income.


  • When the customer gets home with the product and perceives they have a problem, what do you want them to do?

We have a definite plan and the customer understands it.
We sort of have a plan, but it is not well defined within our organization or to the customer.
Our organization has not developed a clear plan.

  • Name the manager of your company's return program. (Not the logistics manager or warehouse mgr.)

Their name is:
We have a person who handles those duties as part of there overall job
We do not have a specific person assigned to this responsibility.

  • Do your return figures show on both the P&L and all sales and marketing reports? (research this carefully, actually pull the reports)

On both P&L and sales/marketing reports
On one but not the other
Not on any report

  • Do you hold returns reduction meetings and how often?

Quarterly meetings to brainstorm
Covered briefly at monthly meetings
We do not hold specific meetings on returns reduction.

  • Who attends the meetings?

Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Quality assurance, Service, Training, Loss Prevention
2 or 3 of the people listed above
We do not hold specific meetings on returns reduction.

Company's Annual Gross Sales:
Annual Return Dollars:


Return Percentage of Gross Sales:

Gross Margin Rate (GMR):

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