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Increasing Sales from Extended Service Plans

We do the work.  We will make your sales from extended service plans SURGE. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Has your third party administrator done everything they promised they would do, when they were trying to win your business?
  • Have your sales from extended service plans slowed -- or even worse -- has your program become stagnant?
  • WHY would your customers want to buy it? WHY do your salespeople WANT to sell it? Do you know? Do they know?
  • What is your third party administrator's strategy to grow your business -- this year -- and for the next three years?
  • Don't have an extended service plan or ESP program? Haven't found an expert you feel comfortable with or a program that doesn't compromise your company values?

If any of these describe the status of your extended service program and you want to maximize profitability, improve customer loyalty, while executing effective product returns management ... our team of experts can deliver value backed by guaranteed results.

We work with your third party administrator to design, develop, and implement an extended service plan / program that is right for your company AND your customers.

Our proprietary ARDIT process begins with analyzing your sales, mix of business, pricing, terms and conditions, reports, customer needs - benefits analysis before we recommend changes.  In addition our we will conduct the training of your organization to ensure that a consistent message is delivered to your sales team as well as customers.

Working closely together, we will accelerate and maximize your profits from extended service plans while providing continued growth in the program year after year.

If you don't have an extended service plan / program, and just want to talk to see if an ESP program is right for your company and customers, then give us a call for a no obligation Strategic Review.

Why are we so confident about the results we can deliver for your extended service plans? Three reasons:

    1. We were retailers so we look at things from a retailer’s perspective not from an administrator’s.
    2. We had the P&L responsibility for extended service plans within the previous companies we worked for
    3. Our patent-pending process of increasing sales from extended service plans has a proven track record 

We’ve helped our clients:

a) Create successful extended service plans / programs from scratch

b) We have a proven track record of doubling and tripling the extended service plan sales and profits of existing programs.

c) Provide a better customer and associate experience, which means increased sales and profits.

Our team of experts can do the same for you and your organization.

An introduction to accelerate your profit: 

Internal / External Analysis:

  • Understand the views and expectations of the extended service plan / program at each level of your organization from the CEO to the newest part-time associate.
  • Evaluate how a new or the current program matches your company's culture and the customer's needs.
  • Perform a complete evaluation, including but not be limited to: SKU coverage, product coverage and benefits, margin by product, balance of sales, pricing structure, insurance coverage, reports used to manage the business, incentive and/or commission plans, associate turnover, payroll planning, training, POP materials, and analyze your repair service department or network. 

  • In the instance of a new extended service plan, we collaborate with you and your team regarding the selection of the right third party administrator that best matches your company's culture and your customer’s needs. Each third party administrator has their own strengths and weaknesses. We will help you identify the administrator who best meets your needs.

Extended Service Plans - Strategy:

  • Based on the data within the analysis, our team will develop comprehensive recommendations and an action plan that will take your extended service plan to the next level.
  • Develop a strategy for the implementation of recommendations, that will ensure the greatest ROI in the shortest period of time.
  • Assist in the actual implementation of the program, or manage it for you, if you prefer.

Program Management:

  • Provide the sales and management training to insure success, through understanding and consistency.
  • Development of easy to use reports that allow all levels of management to utilize their time and obtain better results.
  • Assist you in holding the administrator (New or current) responsible so that you maximize all services that are and should be available to you.
  • Meet with you on a regular basis (monthly/quarterly), at your convenience, to ensure proper implementation and track results.
  • Perform a semi-annual analysis of your program.  This provides feedback and new ideas to keep the program’s sales and margin growing.


We deliver guaranteed results. We are your partner. Contact us for a no obligation Strategic Review.

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