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Thursday, 07 April 2016

Got Dreams? Wake up! It might not happen unless......... (Part 1 of 2)

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We all have dreams of success!  It's what gives us hope and gets us out of bed in the morning (well that and our spouse).  Look around you at your peers and colleagues how many of them came into work today hoping to fail? To be the biggest loser?  Probably none (well there is always someone Cranky Carol and Buffoon Bob).  The other 98% are not your peers or colleagues, they are your COMPETITION! They want what you have or what you want!  So what are you doing DIFFERENTLY to beat the competition?


Here are 6 and 1/2 ”Beam me up Scotty" bullet points to surpassing the competition and achieving your dreams.


1. SPECIFICALLY know what YOU want to be and by what timeframe. Get the key word here??  It's SPECIFICALLY.  

Example: I want to be a V.P.  

So do 90% of your competition.  So be DIFFERENT know exactly what YOU WANT.

Specific Example: I want to be the V.P. of International Marketing for the xyg widgets division by the age of 35, traveling the world and living in Italy, France.

OK! NOW you get the idea...... so NOW, and I mean RIGHT now, write out your specific goal/dream.  

(I'm waiting... just do it)

Good, now put it aside until tomorrow and then at lunch pull it out and read it. You will find that you now have an even better idea. So rewrite it during lunch, even if you have to use a napkin. Do this EVERYDAY for a week.  At the end of the week see how far your thought process has progressed. I promise it will give you a good feeling.

2. Get over your Fear of CHANGE... or lose

Except for a baby in a wet diaper, nobody likes change.  You feel secure in your world, things are going well so why change? Because if you are not changing you are not growing and if you are not growing you are dying. Your competition will be the ones driving change and they will be seen as the ones with vision and potential.

Not all change is good, however an idea (your idea) can get the ball rolling to a better idea, but it won't happen if you are afraid.

Develop a willingness to Change: Get out of your comfort zone you hunker down into each day. Take some CALCULATED risks. (What’s the key word?)  Jumping off a bridge or bungee jumping off a bridge are different. One is a calculated risk that you WILL live.  Find and develop the calculated risks and then take them. I like to go big right out of the gate, but if you have some fears, start small and overcome them with a little time. Just get started!

Final thought on Change: People want change but THEY do not want to change. Failure to change on your part is due to one or more of these:

A)     Commitment  

B)     Planning  

C)     Taking a Risk  

D)     Doing/follow thru


People would rather cling to what they know, versus risking getting something worse.  Let me ask you: Which will bring you closer to achieving your dream: CHANGE or the Status Quo?  Ok, so what are you waiting for!


3. Fear of the Mirror: HONEST Self-assessment (what’s the key word?)

Answer all the questions below:                                                                                        

Section A)

Why would I want to work for me?         _____________________________    

Why would I NOT want to work for me?  _____________________________    

Section B)

Check off below which way currently reflects how you manage TODAY. Not the way you want to manage and not the Disney version in your head of how you think you manage but an honest objective view of how you manage. (if you are having trouble ask a few of your people to do it, ones that will be honest. That will open your eyes! It did mine!       

______ Manage the present         or       _______  Focuses on the Future 

______ Gives direction/Tells         or       _______  Asks for Input  

______ Manage employees           or       _______  Creates Followers

______ Delegates assignments     or       ______  Delegates Authority  

______Sustains performance        or       ______  Looks for ways to change

______ Reacts to situations          or       ______  Anticipates and Plans

______ Deals with people             or       ______  Develops people                  

 (This exercise helps you identify YOUR development needs!)


Section C)


How well do you know YOUR peoples dreams?  How specifically do you know them?  Check off only one. BE HONEST! You are only fooling yourself.                    

_____ I know of every dream (aspirations both professional and personal)          

_____ I know the long term employees or the ones I'm friends with                        

_____ I can guess what they are just by looking                                                          

_____ Dreams?  My people have Dreams?  


 Why should you know them? When you help them achieve their dreams they will do better work.  When they do better work, you win and you will now achieve your dreams.  

"Before you can get what YOU want you must first help someone get what they want."

                                                                                                         - Dale Carneige / Naploeon Hill                

 Finally ask everyone that works for you, to rate their satisfaction with (your company) on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being best.  Now ask them to list 1-3 things that would make it a 10 and why.  You will be able to affect some and not others. Take the ones that you can affect and start making a difference.

 This is the end of part 1 of a 2 part series.  If you liked it send me a note and I will send you part 2.  For those that didn't like it, thanks for reading this far, and I wish you great success.  

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