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Wednesday, 06 April 2016

Visionary Leaders...Are you one?

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“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”  - Warren Bennis

As the name implies, visionary leaders are great at creating a positive and inspirational vision about the future of their organization. They are also effective at conveying their vision in an engaging manner that attracts committed followers. They understand the “goals and dreams” of each player on their team and find ways to inspire them to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Feeling motivated by this approach often creates a sense of solidarity and security within the organization.


In business, visionary leaders are effective at leading the organization toward achieving a common goal. They promote learning, creativity and development of strong relationships within the organization. They are focused on the future of the organization and understand the importance of staying ahead of the competition. While every visionary leader manages differently, many share common characteristics.  Some of the most prevalent characteristics of these dynamic leaders are as follows:


Training & Development

·         Visionary leaders recognize talent and recruit the team with the skills to complement each and add contributions to the growth and success of the business.

·         They understand that effective training encourages the development of each associate’s skills giving them the necessary tools to excel.

·         Motivational and effective training methods are necessary to achieving common goals.

·         Passion is instilled by creating learning opportunities within the workplace. This results in highly skilled and knowledgeable employees contributing to the success of the organization. No single skill set is enough to achieve success in any business.

·         Spend the necessary resources to reduce employee turnover, motivate, train and develop each employee.  

·         Celebrate successes!



·         Visionary leaders will always challenge the status quo.

·         They encourage creative thinking and problem solving skills with each employee.

·         They will not always give the answer to a problem, instead they will lead their team to uncover the solution themselves.

·         They strive to find faster and better ways to achieve goals and successes.



·         A visionary leader must have the will, passion and knowledge to achieve short term and long term goals and the necessary actions to achieve these goals.

·         They must be a focused leader who can communicate, motivate, and inspire their team for success.

·         Whenever a vision is followed by action, the vision can then be turned into reality. Emphasis must be put into both vision and action. This balance is achieved when the directions of how to get there is crystal clear and the action is focused on exactly what to do.


Relationship Building:

·         Visionary leaders build a culture of respect and empowerment of employees.

·         These leaders possess great communication skills, and use those skills to develop a culture of teaching, training and partnership with all employees.

·         Visionary leaders encourages teamwork, passion, open communication and a family atmosphere within the workplace.

·         Such leaders use conflict management skills to unite the team and leads by example demonstrating the importance of what real teamwork looks like.


Do YOU have what it takes to be a visionary leader? With focus, determination and practice, the techniques listed above will help guide you to be the best visionary leader that you can possibly be! 

Watch for my next installment of “Seven Characteristics of Great Leaders”…Self Awareness.






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