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Monday, 04 April 2016

Got Dreams? Part 2

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4.  Easing through the 6 Phases of CHANGE:  The next time you implement a change, watch as  your people go through these first 5 phases and take note of the number of people who either plateau or drop out at each level.  It's amazing what happens within people and their level of reaction to almost any change, but you will notice that all change revolves around one main person...                                 

1.  Shock ( WHAT! Are you Kidding ME?)                                                                        

2.  Anger / Resistance  (They can't do this to ME! No way I'm going to ....)          

 3.  Fear  (What's going to happen to ME?)                                                                        

4. Compliance (Ok, I'LL do it because I have to)                                                          

 5. Acceptance (Yeah, it's OK, It's No big deal to ME, Nothing I can do about it)    

6. IMPROVEMENTS: Only the very elite can make this jump. They get over that final hurdle of Acceptance and are now looking and experimenting with ways to improve the change.  These are the winners, the leaders that make things happen within your organization.  

Here is the anesthesia needed to lessen all the grief and pain that you and your people will go through during the 6 Phases. That is unless in some sick demented sort of way you prefer to endure the pain.

COMMUNICATE not talk.   HOW you communicate change will make a difference. People are much more willing to accept change when they UNDERSTAND:                                                                                                                            

1. WHY it's happening (NOT just told to do it)                                                              

2. HOW it will create: less painMore pleasureBetter life for THEM Write down a recent change you made that affected your organization:                          

(Procedure, Reports, Pay structure, Reporting structure, etc)        


HOW could you have better communicated the desired change?    

( Based upon perceived:  Pain/Pleasure/Better Life for THEM)      



Determine your current level of Leadership, answer this question:  "If stripped of you title and power to punish or reward... Would your people still follow you?

Leaders inspire people to do things they either didn't think they could do or didn't want to do.

Ask and answer yourself :                                                                                          

WHY would I want to be lead by ME?              


WHY would I NOT want to be lead by ME?


(Getting any ideas on how to improve your leadership yet?)

On your ride home tonight ask yourself these questions: (You know what yours are but what about theirs?)                           1. What frustrates your people most about THEIR job?                                              

2. What is THEIR biggest Problem?                                                                                

3. What is THEIR biggest worry?                                                                                    

4. What motivates THEM?   

Brand YOU:                                                                                                                    

Write down the first word or phrase that comes to mind when YOU think of YOUR boss.


To you that is your boss's BRAND. It's what he/she stands for. Whether YOU put down Idiot or Genius that is their Brand to YOU.

SO..... What do YOU think YOUR people would write down?  Really? Most of us think that our people would write great stuff  like: He's wonderful, Polite, Selfless, Gorgeous, etc . etc.  Well wake up from that dream, cause most of them are writing something different.  Here is an easy round about way to find out what they may be thinking.  Next time you have everyone together in a stress free meeting (if that is possible) ask them to be completely open when answering this question:  "How many of you feel you get enough POSITIVE recognition for everything you do each day?"   I have asked this question to over 65,428 people over the past 25 years and I have had less than 31 people in total raise their hands!  Shocked? I'm not.  Let me ask you , DO YOU get enough positive recognition for the all the work you do each day? That makes it a little clearer now doesn't it.


List 3  things that occur when you give POSITIVE recognition:                

1. _______________________________________                            

2. _______________________________________                            

3. _______________________________________

OK. If it really does those things, then why are YOU not doing more of it?

It's an important element in Creating "Brand YOU"

6.  SALES: Everybody is a SALESPERSON.  Notice I did not say good or great I just said salesperson. e.g. When you want to go to one movie but your spouse wants to go to another what do you do? That's right you try to SELL them on the benefits of your movie.  When your friends want to go out to eat everyone has a different place in mind and everybody is trying to do what?????  That's right! SELL the group on why their place is better.  

SALES are the lifeblood of every organization. and there are only 3 ways to grow sales:                                                                                                                

1. Increase the number of Customers                                                                  

2. Increase the $$ per customer / transaction                                                  

3. Increase the frequency with which they buy  

We don't have control over how many customers visit our store/website each day, but......                                                                             WE DO have control over what WE DO with each customer.

Buying is EMOTIONAL and it's backed up with logic.  Do you sell the features of a product or your company or do you sell the BENEFITS?  Big difference. I buy something because of what it will do to make my life more fun and enjoyable.  I don't buy it because I know the dimensions of it or how it relates to Einsteins theory of relativity.

3 Things in life people never have enough? They are:                                               

TIME , MONEY and FUN!                                                           

To be successful at selling you need to make the connection between what the customer wants/needs and how YOUR product will give them more Time , Money  and or FUN.

(I could go on for days about what you need to do to improve sales through selling skills and leadership and if you want to know more ideas pick up the phone and call me at 615-289-0007)


This is YOUR biggest competitor. No other is bigger.  We all get to that comfort zone where we think "yeah this is good, don't have to break my back anymore, yeah I can exist here"  It's the all to common comfort zone and everybody has one. You hunker down like a hermit crab and expect to live there forever.  Then one day your comfort zone just doesn't feel right any more.  Now you may have made that decision for yourself with reasons like : Got married and now want more, you saw someone get a promotion bought a new car and  you would like that,  etc. etc. OR on the other hand a change in your organization is forcing you out of that nice cozy comfort zone and you hate it. Now you loop back around to the 6 phases of change and see how that goes for you. 

IF YOU want success, GREAT SUCCESS, DON"T become COMPLACENT.  Complacent to me means I've gotten soft and  lazy. I no longer care with the same PASSION I once had.  Then I remember... I only have one life, one chance to go around, and I ask myself "is this the very best I can do?"  To which I answer NO, and force myself out of my comfort zone.  

Have you pushed yourself lately? What are your dreams? Your goals? How badly do YOU want them?

There is only ONE person that stands between you and success and that person is YOU.  Take a good look the next time you are in front of a mirror and ask your self.... Is this the VERY BEST I can do?

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it has in someway helped YOU. 

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