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Monday, 04 April 2016 15:35

Got Dreams? Part 2

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4.  Easing through the 6 Phases of CHANGE:  The next time you implement a change, watch as  your people go through these first 5 phases and take note of the number of people who either plateau or drop out at each level.  It's amazing what happens within people and their level of reaction to almost any change, but you will notice that all change revolves around one main person...                                 

Monday, 01 June 2015 14:37

7 Characteristics of Great Leaders

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Every great leader is defined by the characteristics they demonstrate. Each learned characteristic can be improved as you further your development. The following characteristics can assist your improvement and ongoing development on the path to becoming a great leader.  As you begin this journey, don’t be too critical if you struggle with some or most of these. Growth…any growth takes time. This is part of an ongoing series with the end goal of developing you into a great leader. Once you start practicing these leadership traits you’ll be impressed with the results from your team….and yourself!

The 7 Characteristics:

1.      Great Communicator

2.      Visionary

3.      Self-awareness

4.      Passionate and ability to motivate others

5.      Developer of people

6.      Leads by example

7.      Holds team and themselves accountable

Characteristic #1: Great Communicator

Thursday, 23 April 2015 16:41

The importance of the Greeting!

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Picture this…. You’re in the market for a new 4K Ultra HD TV. Like most people you open up your laptop, find a reliable website and start your methodical research. Article after article review after review. With no prior experience or knowledge of this new technology you discover most of what is written says different things, gives you different advice and tells you the price you should pay. Confusion doesn’t even begin to describe what you’re feeling.  Something is missing! You finally make the decision that the best way to learn about this product is to visit a local retail store and actually talk to a human being about it. As you pull into the parking lot and look at the big sign above the entrance you hesitate. Why? The perception is that all retail stores are “commissioned” and all sales people will attempt to “sell” us on some type of product or service that will line their pockets but may not be right.

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