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I recently facilitated a selling skills seminar for over 50 tractor, construction, lawn and garden and power sports dealers. I was amazed at the responses given in the feedback sheets from the attendees. One of the questions asked was “Which steps of the sale would you liked to have spent more time on.” The overwhelming answer was “closing the sale” followed by “overcoming objections.” While these two steps will be addressed in future articles, I’ll use this one to identify why they are having difficulty closing the sale and one of the reasons they get so many objections.

As a Leader, a top priority of yours is to develop a Management team that produces maximum profits through improvements of the associate and customer experience.

This assessment will give you a feel for where you stand in achieving that goal and provide you with a plan to get immediate improvements.  For this to work you have to be willing to be brutally honest with yourself.                                                              

No one will see this but YOU, so the only person you would fool, would be YOU.

Monday, 04 April 2016 17:38

Public Speaking? Don't Sweat It!

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Participants often ask me after a speech or a facilitated training I've done, how I got so comfortable speaking in front of groups? This is usually followed by “Do you have any tips that could help make me a better speaker?” After responding with “Yes, hire me.”, I realize how many people out there, in all walks of life, are terrified of public speaking. In fact the latest list of people’s greatest fears ranks Public Speaking at #2 and fear of death at #6. That’s right, people fear public speaking more than dying. Here’s the good news, it’s really not that tough.

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