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Our proprietary profit analysis process ARDIT Method™ delivers guaranteed financial return on investment (ROI) to major retailers and global manufacturers, such as:

  • 75 to 150 basis point increases in margin rate
  • 50 to 75 percent increase in extended service plan revenue 
  • 20 percent reduction in product return ratios
  • 3 to 5 percent incremental increases in product sales

How? ARDIT consists of five sequential steps that accelerate ROI and create long-term, sustainable impact. Bill Stuart, CEO of Stuart & Associates, Inc. said, “It has been our experience that traditional consultants and their processes fall short because they are based on theoretical models instead of practical and tactical real-world application. And most importantly, traditional consultants do not guarantee financial return. We do. We take 100 percent of the risk out of each engagement by specifically documenting the ROI we will acheive for a client -- in the form of dollars and cents! We never provide clients with the hope that ROI will happen -- we guarantee it. Or, we refund 100 percent of our fee. That makes it pretty darn simple”.

Friday, 10 August 2012 17:54

Extended Service Plans: How to Sell ESPs

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How to Sell Extended Service PlansHow to Double Sales of Extended Service Plans While Creating Loyal Customer Relationships

Extended Service Plans (ESPs) are an important part of a retailer’s success, profitability, and a customer loyalty builder. A successful extended service plan ultimately depends on strategy, program offering, reporting, execution, and processes. These core components dictate whether a retailer achieves optimal financial results and increased customer loyalty -- or -- marginal performance and disappointed customers. If you want to identify the missed opportunities for your organization in maximizing profit and increasing customer loyalty through extended service plans … then read on! Doubling or tripling your current sales of extended service plans is a realistic expectation, when you challenge your organization to think differently.

Clarify Sales Objections and Understand Their True Meaning


Originally published in Twice Magazine

I understand how you feel. How many time have you overheard your salespeople say this to their (your) customers after a sales objection has been raised? Sure, I know, it’s Selling 101, the old “Feel, Felt, Found” method. I get it, but the problem is your salespeople don’t. Somewhere along the way they attended a sales training seminar that taught them to use Feel, Felt, Found every time they receive sales objection. 

Here’s how it works: First, “I understand how you feel” (shows empathy, a nice touch). Then, “Others have felt this way too” (I don’t want my customer to think that they are alone). Finally, “What they have found is that by ….” (insert here whatever it is you are trying to get the customer to do). While the concept is right, let’s see if we can make Feel, Felt, Found work more effectively next time you, or a member of your sales team, receives a sales objection. 

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