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WE HATE CONSULTING FIRMS that infiltrate a company and then proceed to load a client up with unproven MBA theory-based recommendations that will not work in the real world.

We have been results-oriented focused on delivering added value to major retailers and global manufacturers.

Both Bill and John are experienced retail professionals who are passionate about helping retail and manufacturing clients maximize revenue and profit in the quickest and most sustainable way possible, while increasing consumer loyalty.

Leading experts in the improvement of:

We are able to provide clients with the highest quality, experience-based insights into the challenges and opportunities they face in a practical and realistic manner.

We will develop and implement a strategy for your company after first analyzing and understanding your culture, your people and your business. This will ensure the greatest long term return on investment and maximizing profitability by creating programs tailored for your company.

Core Beliefs: Integrity, Knowledge, Reliability, and Passion.

  • INTEGRITY : We stand behind our commitments. We are honest and frank with our clients, while providing the best quality product in the market. This approach has kept our clients renewing their contractual commitments with us year after year.
  • KNOWLEDGE : We learn a company’s culture before any strategies or recommendations are developed. The ideas developed are based on company culture, consumer needs, associate experience and company goals. Our programs succeed as the result of our in-depth analysis of a client’s culture; including the people, from the CEO to the newest part timer, the processes, the product and the customer.
  • RELIABILITY : We don’t make promises we can’t keep. When we give you our word, you can depend on it. We will do what we say we will do……guaranteed.
  • PASSION : We have a passion for what we do and it shows. We provide new and innovative ideas and can deliver training to your organization in a way that you have never experienced before. We help you grow your business. There's "training" and then there's "Entertraining"! Connecting with an audience is our specialty and we know how to win!

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