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John Quattrucci

John shared Bill’s opinion of consultants who did not fully comprehend the retail process. Having listened to many consultants’ impractical theories, John decided to put his convictions to the test and agreed to come on board in forming Stuart & Associates in 1996.

Prior to becoming a partner at Stuart & Associates John had fourteen years of retail experience. Ten years were spent at a major retailer where he developed, trained, and managed the company’s multi-million dollar Extended Service Plan program.

Over the course of the last 25 years John has developed and performed training for major fortune 500 companies. He has also developed and worked with different types of training delivery methods including: E-learning, Intra-net training, Radio, Satellite Broadcasts, Virtual Training, Training Videos and Live Training Seminars. This allowed John to stay on the cutting edge of today's learning technology.

As of Jan 1st John started Q Training Solutions that will continue to offer top flight professional training and leadership development and continue his sterling reputation of providing innovative, dynamic and exciting training will only increase.

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