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Bill StuartAfter working with several consultants over his career, Bill became frustrated with the lack of actual retail/manufacturing experience most of them possessed. He found that they had a difficult time suggesting solutions that would work in a “real world” retail/manufacturing environment. 1995 became the launching point for Bill to form Stuart & Associates Inc. His stated goal was to start a consulting company that was different, spoke the language of retailers and manufacturer’s and would offer effective solutions.

Bill had over 20 years of retail experience prior to starting Stuart & Associates. He has a proven track record of turning problems into profits by providing substantial gains in revenue, margin and bottom-line profits.

He held every major field operations position from District Manager, Regional Merchandiser to Group Vice-President of store operations during his retail career. He understands firsthand what it takes to run stores, motivate people and react quickly in a practical way to everyday situations.

His ability to work with retailers and manufacturers in the development of products, selling strategies, return reduction programs and best in class training has gained him the respect of the top retailers and manufacturers in the world.

Although Stuart & Associates ended in 2019 Bill will remain active offering his consultative expertise to new, and former, clients.


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